Security Architecture

We scale policy and procedures from a handful of assets to enterprise/global perspectives. We work with systems and controls tied to compliance from PCI to HIPPA. Our consultants use industry standards and reference architectures whenever possible. We are familiar with cloud technologies and agile methodologies.  Our security architects engage both individually and with a team to lead large scale systems integration projects, transitional and transformation programs that augment existing teams.

Security Implementation

After the architecture has been approved and plans put into place the creation and execution of the implementation plan is essential. A plan is put into place to maintain customer (internal/external) satisfaction during any disruption or outage. We identify components, install and configure appropriately to support the architected solution along with guidelines and policy to reflect the update changes in process.


DevSecOps adoption involves assessment of application security risks and code testing for which specialized tools are essential. Usage of automated testing tools in an integrated development environment (IDE) enables developers to integrate security into the DevOps workflow and avoid the need to launch a new environment for testing code every time

Coaching and Mentoring

We use the GROW coaching methodology to help you remember the steps in your process and well suited to help solve security issues. The goal is the end point where you want your security program to be positioned practically as well as culturally.

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